At Green Oaks Inn, Memory Care is what we specialize in. We provide a home for the elderly where their daily needs are met, where they are treated with dignity and respect, where independence in simple tasks is encouraged, and where they are encouraged to stay engaged and connected to their families and the world around them.

Anita Burney is the Administrator of Green Oaks Inn. Anita is a licensed Assisted Living Administrator as well as a Registered Nurse. She has been providing dedicated, compassionate care and guidance here at Green Oaks for over 5 years. Her expertise in providing care for the special needs of the elderly comes from years of training, exposure and experience in the hospital and assisted living settings. Her life’s work and passion is in helping senior adults live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Teresa Johnson is the Unit Coordinator/Admissions Director. She has been an active advocate for the elderly since she first began working at Green Oaks over 27 years ago. She began making a difference at Green Oaks as the Activities Director and now assists with day to day operations of the facility as well as being a point of contact for new admissions.

As our Life Enrichment Director, Barbara Bowman facilitates our memory and activity program that gives our residents freedom, choice, and the opportunity to enjoy a meaningful day every day. She has an extensive background in the Montessori Program and has had training from the Montessori Institute in California. She applies the same principles of focusing on strengths and using procedural memory with our residents to give them successful moments that are matched to their abilities. She has a deep love for the elderly and devotes her time to making their lives better.

Green Oaks has an entire team of over 30 dedicated care specialists that provide around the clock nurturing, assistance, and care for each and every resident. All of our caregivers are provided with extensive dementia training on a continual basis. Many of our staff have been employed at Green Oaks for five, ten and fifteen years or more which provides for a relationship with our residents that is based on continuity and trust. Our caregivers become part of our resident’s extended family and have chosen to be here because they love what they do.

Together our staff has a combined total of 99 years of service to Green Oaks Inn and all are committed to serving residents and their families. Each and every employee is devoted to providing exceptional care where the residents feel secure, loved, comfortable, and successful every day.